A day in Eide Ecovillage

You arrive in Eide one bright day of spring in 2020. You have heard so many exiting things about the village, which has had a blooming development since the establishment. Rumor says that Eide has become the central location for sustainability in Western Norway.

You approach this place were the fjord and landscape opens into an amazing view. Eide appears in front of you with green fields and hills, houses and people. The fjord attracts your attention towards the west where you can almost see the ocean. On the other side of the fjord you see Skorpa, an island you have heard is part of the village. On top of the hill you approach the farmyard where you see the reception and other buildings important to management and education in the village. In the visitor center you find lots of information regarding the village and the various activities.

Farming and food production

In the village there is a small café and a bakery, where you meet up with the person who is in charge of farming activities and food production. He takes you on a guided tour of the farm. Here’s hustle and bustle. Outside there are people working with preparing the fields for sowing. A visiting school class takes part in the work. In the greenhouses someone is working with plants that will be delivered for sale. Another school class is playing with the goats in a paddock. In a small farm shop you can buy the popular organic food that is produced in the village. You are told that the ecovillage is self-supplied with all the vegetables. The village has also started a project around cultivating seaweed as an important aspect in food production. A newly established microbrewery in the village has just started their production of organic beer.

Courses and teaching

Down by one of the educational buildings you meet the person who is responsible for the courses and visits to the ecovillage. She tells you about the various courses that the village offers. At the moment there is a course in permaculture in one room, in another they create various decorations and in a third room there is a course related to job training. There are several artists who have established themselves in the village and they also give various courses occasionally. One of the inhabitants has plans to start a small shipyard for traditional wooden boats and give some courses connected to this.

Many people want to visit and stay for shorter periods in the village, and this is something she takes care of. This may be people who want to work in an allotment garden while they are visiting. It is possible to stay in the village for a period in the spring to work with an allotment garden, and come back for harvest in the autumn. She also tells you that the ecovillage is a very popular destination for nature based tourism. The ecovillage offers guided tours in the area. It is possible to rent a boat or book a fishing trip at sea. At the quay in the harbor there is a boat that takes you to the island Skorpa. Down by the lake there are canoes for rent. A school class is canoeing, and they are headed for the other side to visit the Viking village which is under construction. The lady explains that a lot of the income of the ecovillage comes from courses and tourism. Below the farmyard there is a beautiful, little cultural center, where people are preparing a concert in the evening. Local artists will perform.

Buildings and Infrastructure

On a hill above the sea there is lively construction activity. Several new houses have been built and more are under construction. You meet the person who is in charge of new settlements in the village, as well as administrative operation and maintenance. He also gives courses related to construction and maintenance. He is eager to tell you about low energy buildings and building methods. He says that the village also has self-building as an option, for those who prefer it. He explains that there is such a great demand for houses that Eide soon has to prepare for several new sites. Several smaller flats are also being planned, in order to meet the increased demand from of short-time visitors.

The ecovillage has focused on environmentally friendly wastewater treatment. He shows you the building he calls the Living Machine, where the wastewater is treated. It looks like a greenhouse, and the plants take care of the separation processes. He also shows you the nature kindergarten that the village has created.
The most exciting project these days is nevertheless the Viking village which is under construction.

After your guided tour in the village you walk out on the pier in the harbor. The smell of spring and sea tickles in your nose. All the impressions have given you energy. Night is approaching, but the sun still pours some light over the landscape. Several persons have arrived to the harbor and are getting ready for a fishing trip. You have booked a room for the night and are now wondering whether you should join them and try your fishing luck for the evening.

Eide Ecovillage - In harmony with nature.

Eide Ecovillage – In harmony with nature.



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