The Eide village

In Åfjorden, a small parallel fjord to the Sognefjord, in Hyllestad municipality, you find the small village Eide. The village has beautiful position, wreathed by fjords, mountains and lakes, and the name comes from the isthmus between Åfjorden and Eide lake.

In the past Eide was a lively, small, rural community. People worked with farming and fishing. There was a shop, post office, workshop for clogs, a small boatyard and liner, but through the years the activity has died down and today the village lays here waiting for a new future.

With its unique location and natural characteristics Eide has a great potential, and is ideal for the idea of creating an ecovillage.
From Bergen you reach Eide by car in 2.5 to 3 hours. From Førde it is 1 h 20 min.

To the administrative center of Hyllestad it is 15 min. To Sørbøvåg and the grocery shop it is 3 km.

The surroundings offers varied and beautiful scenery with many opportunities. Visit our Facebook page to see more photos from Eide.


The Eide Village i Hyllestad municipality.


The view from Skorpa.


The view towards the west, behind Eide.


Eide is a gem in the western part of Norway.


Short distances to both the sea and the mountains.



There is currently not any planned activities.