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Do you want to be a part of an organic pioneer project?

We are looking for three resourceful volunteer persons who would like to help develop the project, and who see it as a possibility to eventually settle at Eide. The idea is that these three, together with project manager Magnar Eide, enters a phase which deals with concrete planning, budgeting and financing – in order to determine a further level of the developments. An important part of this phase will involve searching for funding and financing.

Area of responsibility 1: Food production – agriculture and aquaculture
We are looking for someone with a strong desire to establish organic food production in an eco village. Overall tasks will include responsibility for agriculture and aquaculture at Eide. This entails working with operational plans and budget for food production which will create a revenue base and provide self-sufficiency for the ecovillage. We are looking for someone with agricultural background, preferably within organic production / permaculture, and with interest for innovative investment areas such as the use of seaweed in food production. You must be sociable and have good practical understanding.

Area of responsibility 2: Knowledge and dissemination
Eide Ecovillage should be an important center for knowledge development with regards to sustainability and ecology. We therefore look for someone with educational experience, who can help to create plans for teaching, courses and teaching programs. You must enjoy being a host and dealing with visitors to the ecovillage. The role will also include preparing nature based tourism products in cooperation with the local community in Hyllestad. We are looking for someone that is structured and have financial literacy. You should be sociable, fond of cooperation and a good communicator.

Area of responsibility 3: buildings and infrastructure
The work with the area plan for the Ecovillage is on the threshold, and you’ll get a unique possibility to develop, plan and implement development of eco houses. We are looking for a person with a technical background within construction, and knowledge of the Norwegian Planning and Building Law. You should have an interest in sustainable living and building ways, and experience from building leadership / project management. You should have financial literacy, work in a structured way and be sociable.

Model of Eide Ecovillage

Model of Eide Ecovillage



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